Our network consists of over 80 of the best and most prominent influencers with a combined reach of 150 million consumers, making AR Agency Ireland’s largest influencer agency connecting brands to Ireland’s leading social media influencers. 

Influencers are people with significant social networks of followers, readers, and subscribers, who can speak about a broad range of products and services with the ability to sway consumers’ opinions and buying decisions. Offers shared by trusted advocates convert at 4 to 10 times higher rates than offers sent by brands. In a world over saturated with ads, trust is what drives purchasing decisions.

We help brands cut through the clutter and get their brand message delivered and noticed by partnering with our influencer network. 

We work closely with your team to create a custom messaging layout in alignment with your overall marketing strategy. By analysing your audience, goals, and objectives, we develop and propose tailored concepts that position your brand and spark audience engagement and interaction.

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Andrea Roche has worked in the fashion industry for 20 years. Andrea worked as one of the most successful Irish models of all time & modelled around the world. Founded in 2010, Andrea Roche Model represents many high profile models in Ireland as well social media influencers, bloggers and personalities.

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